Shifting Gears

by Aaron Vance

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Billy Raper
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Billy Raper Just a good down home country album I love good old school country music and Aaron had that sound I'm a fan!! Favorite track: Outlaw Jones.
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Cutting edge acoustic set showcasing the rich, country voice and soulful storytelling of Aaron Vance.


released May 23, 2016

1. Outlaw Jones - A.Vance/H.Newman
2. Nightime is the Right Time - A.Vance/H.Newman
3. Good Lord Willing - A.Vance/H.Newman
4. The Real Deal - A.Vance/R.Newman
5. Love Like This - A.Vance
6. Good Ole Girls - A.Vance/R.Newman
7. Shifting Gears - A.Vance/R.Newman

Guitar and Lead Vocals: Aaron Vance
Guitar: Bob Williams
Bass: Dow Tomlin
Harmonica & Six String Banjo: Jim Sales
Fiddle: Eamon McLoughlin
Backing Vocals: Aaron Vance, Hal Newman, Hannah Aldridge
Second Voice on "Shifting Gears": Hannah Aldridge

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kyle Hershman at Studio 19, Nashville and Cool Springs.
Produced by Hal & Rachel Newman for Windy Holler Music, 30 Music Sq., W., Nashville

All songs Copyright 2015, Windy Holler Music, ASCAP



all rights reserved


Aaron Vance Nashville, Tennessee

Singing son of Mississippi, Aaron Vance, is poised confidently on the leading edge of New Traditional Country Music. Born on Christmas Day, he is an undeniably gifted artist whose time has come! Telling true stories with true feeling, Aaron Vance is alive and well in Music City! ... more

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Track Name: Outlaw Jones
I've been a stay home, so long, do right, all night
Holdin' my girl kind of man
Baby you and me, movies on TV
Available on demand
Weekend' coming and you say that you're gonna go home and see your mama
Well the boys been calling and we all gonna go out and do what we wanna
Watch a little football down at the pool hall
Might stay out all night long

I got the outlaw Jones
I can feel it comin' on
I want to hear a little Johnny, a little Willie, a little Waylon
And a little George outlaw Jones

Gonna get off work, change my shirt
Get out before the sun goes down
Free my soul, let it roll
Ain’t no stoppin’ me now
The race is on I’m in the zone turn the music up louder
Ain’t no tear in my beer thank God it’s finally Friday
Step aside, gotta feed the fire
And rock this outlaw jones.
Track Name: Nightime is the Right Time
Nighttime is the right time
To fall in love under the moonlight
Come a little closer baby
Don't you just love the way we
Kiss Like this so fine
Nighttime is the right time

1st Verse:
It's been a long day and I'm on my way
To pick you up and take you out
On the town and all around
I can't wait till the sun goes down
And we're alone on our own
Singing along to our favorite love song
All night long


2nd Verse:
It's getting dark and there is a spark
Of love light shining in your eyes
It's no surprise I’m mesmerized
Cause your sweet love makes me so high
And we fly high above
Just like two turtle doves
Forever in love


Aint no better place to be
Me holding you, you holding me
Track Name: Good Lord Willing
1st Verse:
It’s another day and another dollar
Pinch a penny and make it holler
Work when the sun comes up til’ the sun goes down
I got everything that I want in life
A house in the country and the love of a wife
Friends and family that come around

If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise
The sky don’t fall and the moon flies high
If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise
I’ll be by your side

2nd Verse:
Kid’s ask Mama, When’s Daddy coming home
He’s been gone way too long
They can’t wait til’ I pull in the drive
Gonna throw that ball, catch that fish
Flip a coin in the well and make a wish
One little kiss makes everything alright
Track Name: The Real Deal
I finally found a woman made for me
Laughs at my jokes and melts when I sing
She's the real deal

When we walk she holds my hand
To show the world that I'm her man.
She's the real deal

Chorus: She's the real deal, real deal
I love the way my baby makes me feel
And she's crazy about me
Like Lois Lane was for the Man of Steel
Sun sweet tea with a Sunday meal
She's the real deal.

We're lovin' and huggin' when we're at home
With a woman like that you can't do wrong
She's the real deal.

She don't complain or criticize
I see my best self in her eyes
She's the real deal

Chorus: She's the real deal, real deal
I love the way my baby makes me feel
And she's crazy about me
Like Lois Lane was for the Man of Steel
Sun sweet tea with a Sunday meal
She's the real deal.

Bridge: She's a dream, a prayer, one of a kind
A diamond in the rough, she sure do shine



Tag: She's a picket fence, a house up on the hill
She's the real deal.
Track Name: Love Like This
1st verse: Never will I love again
That's what I told myself
Livin' my life on the edge
Was bad for my health
Ain't no woman out there made for me
That was crazy to believe
It was God's plan that we meet.

2nd verse: Holdin you everynight
Replacin' booze and barstools
You made Sunday mornings grow on me
Singing hymns in that church pew
Love is alive you're the reason why
I manned-up and changed my mind
To be with you til the end of time.

Chorus: A love like this is so amazin'
When the right one comes along
I swear to you it's worth the waitin'
Don't worry you will know
When you find that one it's like
The prodigal son comin' home
I found a love like this.

3rd verse: Finally the day is here
Wedding bells and sayin' vows
Here you come dressed in white
Your daddy walkin' you down the aisle
I speak my heart and look in your eyes
You do the same and start to cry
You may now kiss your bride.
Track Name: Good Ole Girls
1st verse: She can drive a truck and load a gun
She ain't afraid to be alone
She's heaven in your eyes and hell on your heart
When she leaves
She's the queen of her world
She's a good old girl.

Chorus: Good ole girls
Live their lives
One day at a time
Good ole girls
Can survive
Stick by your side
They know how to laugh
But you won't see them cry
Precious pearls
Good ole girls.

Ain't nothin' like a good ole girl

2nd verse: She's the heart of Dixieland
She's a mother and a friend
Through the good times and the bad times
Of lovin' blind
She grew up in a whirl
She's a good old girl.


Bridge: Walk around with their head in the clouds
But their feet are on the ground
Precious pearls
Good old girls


Tag: Ain't nothin' like a good ole girl
Good ole girls
Track Name: Shifting Gears
1st verse: It all started when I was young
A Christmas day baby, a preacher man's son
Moving town to town different church different house
Never got close to anyone

2nd verse: Life for us was like changing clothes
One day you're here the next day your gone
Put down roots, but they never had time to grow
Learned to live year to year shiftin' gears.

Chorus: All my life I been on the road
Like a trucker-man with a heavy load
I been used to change
You can feel it in the songs I sing
Between the laughter and the tears
All my life I been Shiftin' gears.

TA: All my life I been shifting gears

3rd verse: I'm still traveling on my own
Chasing that rainbow to a place called home
Like the river flows, good times come and go
Believe in love, keep holding on